A truck driver is dead after crashing his vehicle into the wall of a Glendale barber shop. Glendale Police Sergeant Dave Vidaure says police headed for the scene just after a passerby heard the crash, went to the scene and called 9-1-1, reporting what happened.

When officers arrived, they found the wreckage of a white Ford pickup truck and the vehicle’s sole occupant, 47 year old Sean Brannan inside. He was transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Brannan’s vehicle was the only one involved in the crash which occurred at 2:20 Tuesday morning.

Vidaure says the truck appeared to have been going westbound on Glendale Avenue at 59th Avenue then veered into the eastbound lanes, striking a concrete water well before coming to rest at the barber shop.

Vidaure says there’s no sign Brannan was speeding or impaired. The barber shop wall experienced little damage. The investigation continues.

–Barbara Villa