download (15)Dec  19th  @ 6:30-8pm Details:  Cost to attend $10  (All proceeds go to supporting Community Financial Wellness) Included:  T-Mobile BHC is giving a $20 Gift Card to all attendees
Subject: Learn your Smartphone
Content: Steve LeSueur owner of T-Mobile and myArizona Designs is giving best practices, tips and tricks, and the basics for all smartphone users.  We will start with Android and move to iPhone after a brief 10 minute break.
  • Learn how to set-up your new phone
  • Learn how to video call
  • Learn how to play videos
  • Learn how to create your own ringtones (Android)
  • Learn how to email attachments
  • Learn what the best apps are
  • Learn how to use icloud (iPhone)
  • Q&A for all of the unanswered Smartphone mysteries.