busterBuster Johnson and Alan Gardner, Co-Chairmen of the Arizona/Utah Local Economic Coalition issued this release today regarding the decision on uranium mining in the Arizona Strip. The Coalition have been fighting the closure of uranium mining along with 1 million acres of public lands surrounding the Grand Canyon, known to many as the “Arizona Strip” since 2009. Yesterday, September 30, 2014, United State District Judge David G. Campbell issued his or-der regarding the civil suits filed by several entities challenging the closure. “We are very dis-appointed in the judge’s decision to deny the motions of summary judgment because he acknowledged the Department of Interior may have not had a legitimate environmental justification to withdraw these mineral rich lands but did have the authority to do so” Johnson stated. “Clearly, Congress needs to sit up and reassert their control of our federal lands. The withdrawal authority is being abused at the expense of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah residents and workers. This is a $29 Billion resource for our region. Our local jobs and economic growth is at stake” Johnson added.