gvfdA miscommunication is apparently to blame for witness unavailability at a Kingman Justice Court Trial involving a commotion at the Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD) Christmas party late last year. Melody DeMaio is charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for allegedly causing a disturbance at the December 19, 2014 party at the GVFD training center.

Witnesses told a Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy that DeMaio shouted obscenities and made a big scene as she addressed Fire Chief Thomas O’Donohue and others about the termination of her husband’s employment. Tony DeMaio, a former Captain who had been demoted to Engineer, was fired after 18 years of service to the district.

GVFD Board Chairman Paul Gorham telephoned O’Donohue inquiring as to his whereabouts after a 30 minute in the delay of the March 30 trial. Gorham stated O’Donohue indicated the county attorney’s office said his attendance was unnecessary.

While O’Donohue motored to Kingman from Golden Valley, Justice of the Peace John Taylor called the case. Prosecutors said they were amending their complaint to name Gorham and the wife of Deputy Fire Chief Jack Yeager as their case victims.

Taylor told the prosecutors they could not make such a substantive change on the day of trial. Judge Taylor then rejected a defense motion to dismiss the case.

Taylor rescheduled the trial for May 13 and Chief O’Donohue arrived at Justice Court as parties were filing out of the building.