inmcs   The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office recently sent three of its Detention Response Team members to a specialized jail training course conducted by the National Tactical Officers Association. The training, hosted by the Henderson Police Department in Nevada, covered both intermediate and advanced tactics for the resolution of incidents in which inmates refuse to comply with lawful orders to exit their cells.

Officers learned how to appropriately apply the use of force associated with cell extractions. Training included three member compliance teams, individual team movement, use of chemical agents, less-lethal and equipment overviews, as well as employing crisis intervention to gain inmate compliance before force is utilized.

Briefing, debriefing and completing proper cell extraction documentation was also covered. Officers completed multiple force-on-force cell extractions and three-man compliance exercises.

“This was an intensive and dynamic three-day course that not only put our officers to the test, but built on their skills and abilities,” said MCSO Jail Director Don Bischoff. Officers attending were Officer Stephan Cocks, Sgt. Carl Simonsen and Officer Thomas Schuerr.