House Speaker John Boehner need a majority of Democrats to pass the no strings attached bill to fun the Department of Homeland Security until the end of the fiscal year.  This move has angered conservatives, especially the Arizona delegation.  Four of five Arizona Republicans opposed the Speaker, voting “No” on the funding.  Valley Republican David Schweikert says

there will be a price Boehner will have to pay for ignoring his party’s conservatives, “I thought it was the right thing to give us a couple of weeks to try to chip away at the president’s unconstitutional acts, they wanted to wash their hands of it, but both of them were based in frustration with the White House.”  Schweikert went on to chide his Democrat colleagues for giving Speaker Boehner the margin to pass this bill, “you are going to support this unconstitutional expansion of power when there’s a Republican president, are you going to sit there and continue to applaud and look the other way?”   

Northern Arizona Republican Paul Gosar voted against the no-strings attached funding for DHS lamenting “business has got to change in Washington, DC, that’s what America sounded off on in November, they want people to speak up for them, I want to see us take the courageous vote and where we stand in the Constitution.”  Valley Republican Matt Salmon says this vote lets the President off the hook adding “This President violated the separation of powers and the Constitution by doing what he did – it’s not about the policy.”

Republican Senator Jeff Flake turned against his party and voted with the Democrats to fund DHS and Obama’s executive order on amnesty through the end of the fiscal year.

Kris  Dugan