The Mohave County Superior Court has announced that TurboCourt Divorce Forms are available on line at . TurboCourt coaches self-represented (Pro Per) Family Court parties through a step-by-step survey, in which auto-filled forms can be printed for $15 and delivered or mailed to the court by the parties.

Users of TurboTax will find TurboCourt very user friendly because you answer simple questions. Once you create your forms on TurboCourt they are stored and are easily re-accessible for later court filings.

If a self-represented party does not wish to utilize the TurboCourt option, they can still do it the old-
fashioned way and pay around $10.35 for paper copies. Utilizing TurboCourt is by far the better option because it automatically fills in information that is repeated throughout the numerous forms.

This is especially helpful in Divorce Cases due to the requirement that the “Petition for Dissolution” and the ‘Decree of Dissolution” be identical.