Governor Doug Ducey’s eager for answers after touring a riot-laden prison in Kingman over the weekend. He’s sent a letter to Corrections Department Director Charles Ryan seeking recommendations to keep this kind of mayhem from breaking out again at the Hualapai minimum

security unit, where hundreds of inmates trashed the confines following three separate disturbances last week.

Corrections Department spokesman Andrew Wilder says the process is on to talk to staff and inmates about who started the uprisings and why. “Nobody knows the entire picture right now, “says Wilder, “ and that’s why we’re conducting the assessment, and gathering the information, and eventually, we will have the full picture”. As for how these inmates, housed in a much freer dorm-style arrangement as opposed a cell, could’ve gotten so violent, Wilder says, it’s just a reminder that “prison is a dangerous place”, no matter the level of incarceration.

The uprisings have prompted the transfer of over 1,055 inmates to other prisons. The Corrections Department says the inmates have been sent to two Arizona facilities and one from out of the state.

Governor’s spokesman Daniel Scarpinato says the Governor spent Sunday surveying damage to the unit, reporting the conditions were “uninhabitable”. But Ducey praises the Department for its response to quelling the riots.

–Barbara Villa