A Department of Corrections employee has been arrested for shoplifting.  Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says 32-year-old Corrections Officer Hugo Rivera is a serial shoplifter who hit a San Tan Walmart three times and scored over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise.  Rivera walked into a Walmart with his

four-year-old daughter and loaded up his cart with small appliances, linens, beer and other household items.  Deputies managed to capture Rivera red-handed on his third run through the San Tan Walmart while he was attempting to walk out of the store with a cart full of items.  Babeu went on to say that Rivera had signed a Trespass Notice from Walmart Associated in June 2014 that prohibited him from entering any Walmart property in the entire state of Arizona. The notice was issued after Rivera shoplifted twice at a Walmart in Mesa. 

Rivera’s shoplifting spree occurred within a two-week period and a number of those items have been recovered from Rivera’s home.  Rivera was booked on three felony counts of theft, burglary and organized retail theft.

Kris Dugan