Authorities have unsealed an indictment that alleges a Fort Mohave doctor wrote thousands of subscriptions to sell prescription drugs illegally in a half dozen states. Charged in the 21 count indictment are Dr. Shakeel Kahn, his wife Lyn Kahn and Paul Beland.

The trio allegedly used Kahn’s former pain management specialty practice in Arizona and Wyoming to sell Oxycodone and other drugs to customers in those two states as well as Washington, Oregon, Kentucky and Massachusetts. The indictment alleges many customers subsequently sold and distributed the meds to others.

The indictment focuses on 22,338 Arizona prescriptions and another 1,617 Wyoming prescriptions before Dr. Kahn lost his license to practice medicine in both states.

“It was a part of the conspiracy that S. Kahn would use his Wyoming and Arizona DEA registrations to prescribe large amounts of Oxycodone and other controlled substances to his customers outside of the usual course of professional practice and to customers without a legitimate medical need,” the indictment stated. “It was a further part of the conspiracy that S. Kahn failed to conduct any legitimate medical examinations of his customers prior to prescribing for them Oxycodone and other controlled substances.”

The indictment alleged that Kahn required customers to primarily pay him in cash.

The government is pursuing forfeiture of assets allegedly derived from the illegal activity. Authorities seek legal forfeiture of two Fort Mohave properties and another in Wyoming.

The forfeiture effort also targets about $1-million in cash reportedly seized in Kahn’s Arizona home and another $130,000 in cash held in eight different bank accounts. Three vehicles are also sought via forfeiture.