Help your pets beat the dog days of summer.  Bretta Nelson with the Arizona Humane Society says it’s important to keep your pets safe as triple digits take over the Valley.  The best advice is to keep pets indoors.  However, if you have pets outside, Nelson offers a few tips to keep your furry friends from falling prey

to the heat.  Always leave a refreshing “no spill” water dish full of clean water for your pets.  Pool water is not an option.  Pool water may seem like a tasty treat to a dehydrated pup, but it’s filled with toxic chemicals that could be harmful to your pets. 

One tip is to leave a baby pool available in the shade filled with clean water so your can take a dip when needed in order to cool off.  Taking your dog for a walk can be rough on their soft little paws.  If you can fry an egg on that pavement, your dogs paws will fry too.  Cut the walks in half and take them well after the sun goes down or really early in the morning.  You may want to invest in booties too.  Also, never leave your pets in a car.  No matter how quick your trip, pets can succumb pretty quickly to the brutal heat if left inside a hot car. 

Kris Dugan