13894518956_7139eb370d_zBullhead City Animal Care and Welfare officers are seeking two dogs and their owner for standard quarantine procedures after a recent dog bite and attack.

     On Saturday, February 6th at about 8:30 a.m., a man was walking his dog on Rancho Colorado Boulevard when two pitbulls charged at him and grabbed his small female terrier. The man reported that he hit the dogs on their heads in an attempt to release his dog and he was bit on his finger.

     The man immediately took his dog to the vet, where she underwent surgery. The dog later died due to its injuries.

     The pitbulls are described as white and the other a dark brindle. A witness reported seeing a blonde female driver in an old, black pickup truck whistle at the two dogs shortly after the dog attack. The dogs got into her truck and she drove away.
Animal Care and Welfare officers are looking for the dogs and owner to conduct a standard rabies observation quarantine.
If anyone has any information, please call the Bureau of Animal Care and Welfare at (928) 763-6000.