A dog born to the South Korean dog meat trade has been rescued by “Dogs In  The Dark” and Animal Rescue Media & Education Organization.  Chi Chi, which means “loving” in Korean, was born two years ago only to be tortured, hung upside down by her legs and prepared for slaughter to be eaten.  President of ARME,

Shannon Keith, says Chi Chi’s legs became infected after years of hanging upside down in the dark and abuse, she was rendered her useless to the meat trade and  thrown in the trash and left to die.  Keith says Chi Chi was saved by “Dogs In The Dark” and ARME.  She was taken to a veteranarian where it was determined she needed to have her legs amputated to survive.  Chi Chi is now thriving and being fitted for prostetic legs. She is also being adopted by a loving Phoenix family.

To donate to Chi Chi’s medical care and prostetic legs, go here .