An Arizona woman is dragging her alleged abuser to court in a civil lawsuit. And her attorney is none other than former O.J. Simpson trial prosecutor Marcia Clark.(pictured right).   Tonya Cupp  (left) says her ex boyfriend, Sean Parsons, practically killed her last July when he strangled and beat her at his

Scottsdale home. Cupp says she was attacked right in from of her young special needs daughter as the two were staying at his house. According to the complaint filed in Maricopa County Superior Court, Parsons is accused of repeatedly calling, texting and e-mailing the victim.

Appearing before reporters, Cupp said, “I’m taking a stand to help send a message to the world that domestic violence is unacceptable. No human being should have to live in fear.”

Clark says Cupp was afraid to go to police because of the power her attacker wielded, but when she went to the E-R for treatment, medical workers notified police. Clark says Cupp’s story is a testament to how prevalent domestic violence remains to this day, adding, every four hours in a day, a woman dies at the hands of their intimate partner. And Clark says, there are people out there who believe domestic violence is a myth.

Parsons, the son of billionaire Go-Daddy founder Bob Parsons, is out on bail. Parsons also faces a criminal trial next year for domestic violence.

–Barbara Villa