senateFollowing her December 22 appointment by the Mohave County Board of supervisors, Lake Havasu City republican Sue Donahue will be sworn into office early next week as state senator. Donahue will serve out the year remaining in the District 5 legislative term of Kelli Ward, who stepped down to spend more time working to unseat U.S. senator John McCain.

Donahue said she will serve only the one year and will not seek election to the state house or senate. Accordingly, she intends to simply represent the district and the state without seeking reforms and has no plans to introduce any legislation.

“I see myself going down there looking for avenues that will protect Mohave and La Paz Counties, as well as the state of Arizona, because we represent certain districts but we work for the whole state,” Donahue said, just before Christmas. “I don’thave a lot of preconceived ideas that I want to go down there and change this law or pass that law because, quite frankly, I think when people are elected to the house or the senate they go down there and they think ‘oh, I gotta start changing laws or I gotta start adding laws to the books’. I believe we have too many laws. We just need to enforce the laws that we have.”

Unlike other new legislators, Donahue isn’t asking for first dibs for appointment to particular legislative subcommittees. She said she’ll leave that to Senate President Andy Biggs.

“He’s going to go over some of my background with me and he will make those determinations,” Donahue said.

Donahue said tax dollar management is her top priority.

“It’s the budget. I believe that rural counties need to fight for what’s theirs. I’m going down there with that attitude,” Donahue said. “I’m obviously a novice but I believe that they have swept enough funds from us and they need to stop and take another hard look at where they can cut spending.”

The legislative session is slated to begin January 11 in Phoenix.