DONORA long-time Bullhead City/Fort Mohave resident is in need of a living donor for a kidney transplant. Stephanie Hendrix is a Mohave High School graduate and now a life-time member of the River Valley High School Booster Club. Stephanie has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), which causes cysts to grow in the kidneys. Stephanie’s one functioning kidney is now failing and she is seeking a living kidney donor transplant. “Stephanie has zero percent antibodies, which is great. She has an A-positive blood type, and the donor’s blood type can be A-plus, A-negative, O-plus, or O-negative.”  If you have questions or would like to know if you are compatible, please contact: Winnie of Banner Good Samaritan’s Live Kidney Donor Team at (602) 839-0210 regarding Stephanie Hendrix of Fort Mohave, AZ.  Stephanie and her husband, Dr. Richard (Buck) Hendrix, were winners of the 2010 “Friends of Education Award”.  Stephanie is also a founding member of River Fund, Inc., a local non-profit agency providing crisis services to families and individuals in the tri –state area. Please contact Nancy Mongeau (928) 715-5678 or Lorrie Duggins (928)234-6355, email: if you have any questions.