Police shot a double-shooting suspect in Gilbert this morning after he refused to obey police commands. It started when 35-year-old Matthew Crain allegedly shot two roommates. Lt. Hugh White of Gilbert police says one person did escape.

“A juvenile female occupant of the home was able to escape and told the officers that their roommate by the name of Matthew Crain, had shot their roommate Stacy Steward.” Besides shooting 33-year-old Steward, Crain is also accused of killing 17-year-old Alex Tomborski, the boyfriend of Steward’s daughter. After the shooting, Crain fled. Police caught up with him near a canal bank and he tried to hide behind brick pillars on a gazebo. “They go to stop him he did not respond to the commands of officers.” That’s when police shot him. At last report, he was in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Police are not sure of the motive. 

Mike Sauceda