Arizona’s new Schools Superintendent Diane Douglas cut to the chase blasting Common Core in her first “State of Education” address Wednesday at the State Capitol. Diane Douglas says Arizona’s education quality ranks a “D”-plus, and that’s because, she says, we’ve thrown away our state standards for Common Core.

Douglas blasted Common Core standards as a “fad”, hastily implemented behind closed doors without getting any public input. She says that makes Arizona’s children “guinea pigs” , captive to a politically charged “educational agenda.” Asked by Arizona News Radio after the speech to explain her “guinea pig” analogy, Douglas said, “we’re using unproven tests that were put together within weeks. That is madness. That is not fair to our Arizona children.”

Douglas vows to form a committee to review Common Core and recommend changes. Douglas also says Arizona has problems retaining teachers and paying them well, ranking them 43rd in the nation for compensation. A burden she says can only harm Arizona’s ability to attract business.

Douglas made her searing remarks before the House Education Committee.

–Barbara Villa