ktownThe Kingman City Council addressed a downtown development district proposal and a number of other matters during its October 4 meeting. Member Larry Carver dissented in the 6-1 council vote to continue contemplation of creation of the district.

Carver said he thinks the proposed district will add another layer of bureaucracy that will impede progress and prosperity downtown. Council member Stuart Yocum said the district is a vehicle the city can use to nurture continued redevelopment of the downtown.

Council member Jen Miles noted the district is not yet established and that public input might help the decision making process. Development Services Director Gary Jeppson said the proposed District would be the focus of a November 8 planning and zoning commission meeting before additional discussion and possible action following a December 6th city council session.

The Council tabled consideration of hiring outside counsel for an independent review and legal opinion on questions regarding contract and lease issues associated with the Kingman Airport. The Council essentially embraced input from council member-elect Travis Lingenfelter who suggested that staff be directed to ask if the Attorney General’s office might handle the task for free.

City attorney Carl Cooper said he would lodge the request with the AG’s office, but noted that the questions are mostly locally flavored and that the AG usually accepts review of legal matters that have statewide application.

In other city business the council tabled consideration of how to return debt service savings to Kingman water and wastewater system users. Staff was directed to prepare options that would allow the commercial sector to share some of the return estimated at $400,000 in the first year.

Council also approved award of a $60,000 contract to a firm that will provide strategic recommendations in the ongoing effort to bolster retail development and tourism.