The DPS Trooper who took out a one-way driver head-on with his patrol car is being hailed a hero.  Colonel Frank Milstead with the Department of Public Safety says Trooper Jeremy Barr risked his life by ramming his patrol car into the wrong-way driver’s truck.  Barr was alerted to a wrong-way driver heading his way on Interstate-17 north of Sunset Point and began to slow traffic.  As Barr slowed

oncoming traffic, he saw the wrong-way driver coming his way.  The driver attempted to pass Barr who had his lights flashing and made a heroic move by turning into the pick-up truck and pushing him into a rock wall down a short embankment.  Milstead said Barr showed an “extraordinary piece of police work” by protect other drivers from a fatal accident.   Barr suffered serious injury to his back and will be hospitalized overnight.  The wrong-way driver was taken into custody and booked for driving under the influence as well as other charges.  Milstead said, “the driver made a statement at the scene, that he didn’t have enough to drink to kill anyone.”

Kris Dugan