It’s a very merry Christmas for DACA -eligible aliens as they flock to Arizona Motor Vehicle Department offices to apply for driver’s licenses Monday. The masses of deferred-action immigrants comes days after the U.S Supreme Court removed the roadblock to Dreamers’ driver licenses last

week when it would not challenge a lower court ruling overturning Governor Jan Brewer’s 2012 executive order preventing them from getting driver’s licenses.

Among those walking out with documents include 18 year old Jacquelyn Ochoa, who could not have imagined applying for a driver’s license even last week. “ It’s a really good Christmas present, so I’m really thankful”, says Ochoa, who echos the many saying  it feels great not having to look over your shoulder for police anymore. 

An excited 21 year old Johnathan Martinez says he rushed out to buy a car over the weekend once he knew the green light was on for his driver’s license. He says it’s been a long two years of waiting, and after being envious of relatives in another state who’ve had their licenses for a while, he can’t believe the temporary authorization he’s now holding.  “Once I get the real card”, says Martinez, “it’s finally going to sink in. “

Governor Brewer is petitioning the Supreme Court for a review. She issued the executive ban the same day the U.S. Government began accepting applications for deferred action from those illegally brought to the U.S. as children.

—Barbara Villa