Early voting begins today for the August 30 primary election. Mohave County is mailing out about 34,000 ballots to residents who are on the permanent early voting mail ballot list.

Voter registration supervisor Kim Stewart said independents and non-partisan registered voters must call her office (928-753-0733) to indicate which party ballot they wish to be mailed to them so they can vote early.

Those voting early by mail also need to make sure they do so several days before the August 30 election.

“That’s really important. Post marks do not matter with early ballots. We have to have them in hand by 7:00 p.m. on election day,” Stewart said. She said those that arrive after that date and trickle in the next week cannot be counted under Arizona law.

Anyone waiting too long to ensure their ballot is mailed back on time can drop them off at any polling place on election day to make sure their votes are counted. Stewart said roughly half of those voting in the county primary will exercise an early voting option.