image003Director Bennett Bratley detailed the activities of his one-man Mohave County Economic Development Department during the November 16 Board of Supervisors meeting. Bratley said the department uses its website, advertising and other communication tools to heavily market and promote northwest Arizona for commerce.

  Bratley used code names to note more than a dozen other prospects he’s been working with who are looking for the proper spot to place their enterprise. In response to supervisor Hildy Angius, Bratley said landing anyone or two of the projects is possible.

   Angius also asked what other tools Bratley could use in his effort to secure new business. Bratley said incentives would be helpful.

   Board Chairman Steve Moss directed staff to brief supervisors in the future, reminding county officials what might be offered in the incentive arena.

   Bratley also told the Board that the county will be hosting an Arizona Association for Economic Development luncheon early next year. The Mayors of area communities will detail economic development efforts during the February 18 event on the Hualapai Campus of Kingman Regional Medical Center.