EmbezzlerA Kingman woman maintains her innocence though she has accepted a plea agreement theft conviction for embezzling an estimated $180,000 claimed innocence at her January 5 sentencing hearing at the Mohave County Courthouse. “I never took any money,” Homan said tearfully. “I never stole a penny.” Homan, 57, who is ravaged by serious health issues, nonetheless took the deal that spared her from jail or prison and placed her on probation for seven years. Prosecutor Rod Albright said Homan used a check kiting scheme to steal money while she was employed as manager of the property division of Barbara Ricca Realty. Defense attorney Ken Sondgeroth said Homan is responsible at present for more than $100,000 in medical bills. And Superior Court Judge Steve Conn is highly skeptical she’ll ever be able to make restitution as ordered. “I hope the victims have figured out they’re not getting paid anything unless the defendant wins the lottery,” Judge Conn said. Prosecution of the case ends with Barbara and Bruce Ricca and Homan thinking that justice has not been served. “This is a resolution that no one apparently is happy with, but it does resolve the case,” Albright said.