Sentencing has been postponed once again for an embezzler who needs to scrape up another $970 to reduce the prison sentence she’ll receive. Aurora Molina, 32, previously pled guilty to forgery related to theft of more than $80,000 from the Kingman doctor’s office that formerly employed her.

The plea agreement entered in May was structured with incentive for Molina to pay a portion of the money back before she was sent to prison. She faces up to six years in prison but is guaranteed a three year prison term if she can pay $5,000 before sentencing.

It was disclosed at a July 12 hearing that Molina only has $4,030 in hand for the initial restitution payment. Judge Billy Sipe said he was inclined to impose close to the six year sentence unless Molina satisfied terms of the agreement to earn a three year prison term.

Judge Sipe rescheduled sentencing for September 2, allowing Molina an additional six weeks to meet the restitution required to earn a three year prison term.