411Residents of Mohave County can now register their cell phone numbers and associated residential addresses to receive emergency warnings via the countywide emergency notification system recently acquired with grant funding by the Mohave County Division of Emergency Management.

An annual renewable contract for Emergency Communication Network’s CodeRED system was recently approved by the Mohave County Board of Supervisors. The County Procurement Department, Division of Emergency Management, and Sheriff’s Office evaluated several warning systems for ease of use, serviceability, and cost effectiveness before recommending the procurement of the CodeRED system.

The system currently utilizes a database used by county and city dispatch centers for 911 calls that is populated with landline numbers associated with specific residential and business addresses. Cell phone numbers are not associated with specific addresses and therefore not entered in the existing database.

Residents who register their cell phone numbers and associated physical addresses on the CodeRED system will be able to receive rapid automated phone calls or texts with notifications of imminent threats or developing emergencies in the geographical area in which their addresses are located. Unlisted landline numbers and TDD/TTY requirements can also be registered; the database information is confidential and only for use by emergency service agencies. Residents with listed landlines will also receive the automated notifications, but their addresses are already in the database so no registration is needed.

Emergencies which could require notifications or warnings include wildfires, flooding, hazardous materials incidents, active shooter incidents, and severe weather. Notification information may include evacuation, shelter in place, or other directions to residents from county or city authorities. In the past three years, at least two wildfires, two flooding events, and one law enforcement incident in the county would have resulted in emergency notification messages had the system been in operation during that period.

The CodeRED system will cover the entire county, including the cities and the Hualapai Tribal areas, with possible inclusion of the Ft. Mojave Tribe in the future.

County residents are strongly encouraged to register their cell phone numbers and physical addresses by clicking on the CodeRED logo at the end of this article or by clicking on the same logo on the Mohave County Division of Emergency Management web page at http://www.mohavecounty.us/ContentPage.aspx?id=124&cid=407.

For more information, please contact the Mohave County Division of Emergency Management at (928) 757-0930, or email byron.steward@mohavecounty.us .