rhonda brooksAn employee has filed a claim alleging she has been harassed within her workplace at the Golden Valley Fire District. Nicole Guerrero was originally hired to work in the Administration of the District and her claim was filed after she had been reassigned to other duties.  In the claim, lawyer Tyler Allen alleges that Guerrero was continually harassed by Fire District Board member Rhonda Brooks. The claim also asserts that neither the District, nor   offered Guerrero any help or protection after she claimed that a personal friend of O’Donohue’s had been sexually harassing her. The friend said the sexual harassment allegation is ludicrous and that Guerrero should have gone to law enforcement if there were any merit to her contention. Guerrero, her lawyer and fire district officials are not publicly answering questions about the claim and its allegations. The claim stated that Guerrero will settle out of Court for $75,000 plus legal fees, or she’ll follow through with a formal lawsuit.