Uncle Sam will fund an expensive campaign to remove hazardous materials that have been buried under paved areas at the Kingman Airport. City attorney Carl Cooper recently told Kingman City council members the remediation effort could cost up to $35-million.
   Cooper said about 35,000 cubic yards of waste product was generated in 1947 when some 5,500 surplus aircraft were smelted down at the airport to recover aluminum. Cooper explained it was 16 years ago when federal officials had the waste materials buried to a depth of  20 feet in an area roughly 40 feet wide and 200 feet long.
   Cooper said water that seeped through a 1 ½ inch asphalt cap mixed with the hazardous waste, resulting in a chemical reaction gas expansion that has heaved up paved areas of portions of an apron and taxiway.
   Kingman Airport Authority Executive Director Dave French said the Haley Aldrich engineering firm has been retained to assess the work that must be performed to remove the waste material. French said the actual cleanup will likely begin next spring or summer and be completed sometime in 2018.