MRAP 2This media release is in response to a recent, yet reoccurring, inquiry about equipment obtained by the MCSO through the Military 1033 program; particularly an armored vehicle known as a Mine Resistant Armored Patrol vehicle or MRAP. The purpose of the equipment obtained through the Military 1033 program is to obtain property that can and/or may be used by the MCSO to fulfill its constitutional and statutory duties. Many items would never be obtainable given their costs without the Military 1033 program as Mohave County, like other counties, has limited resources to acquire public safety equipment. Many of the items that are obtained have to be adapted to MCSO’s purposes. It is possible that some of the items may never be utilized by the MCSO and I will not utilize the equipment for military purposes. All items obtained through the Military 1033 program, by the MCSO, were obtained with the protection of lives and property, within Mohave County, in mind, similar to purchases for other law enforcement equipment. The cost of maintenance and upkeep are concerns for all equipment of the MCSO, regardless of whether it came from the Military 1033 program or not and such costs are and were considered.  As to the MRAP, it is anticipated that the vehicle may be used for rescue and other life-saving operations including extracting victims and/or wounded officers in active-shooter situations that unfortunately can occur at schools, the work-place, and other public gatherings. The MRAP may also be useful in standoff situations or even rescues in natural disasters. One does not have to look too deep to know that Mohave County has its share of standoff/ barricade situations and also natural disasters like flash flooding. Additionally and unfortunately one does not have to search too far back to know that school and work place shooting violence can occur in very remote and unsuspecting communities. This release includes photos of the MRAP, an inventory list that includes all the equipment valuable or sensitive enough to require annual inventory and reporting to the Department of Defense, and a copy of the form outlining the use of said equipment. There are some who will never be satisfied with any response the MCSO can MRAP 1give regarding equipment obtained through the Military 1033 program and they are certainly entitled to their opinion. However, as Sheriff of Mohave County, I stand by my record and the record of the MCSO in fulfilling my constitutional and statutory duties under Arizona law and our proven record of protecting the lives and property of Mohave County residents to the best of our ability with the resources available to us. Any suggestion that the MCSO has or will misuse any Military 1033 program equipment, simply because of the equipment’s origin, is unfounded and baseless.

Jim McCabe
Mohave County Sheriff