Authorities have graded an area in a field near the Kingman RV park where they are working to render safe a cache of explosives discovered in a motor home that belonged to a man who is believed to have been killed in a Wednesday night blast in Panaca, Nevada.

Deputy Kingman Police Chief Rusty Cooper said a depression was carved into the cleared area that is being used to place components as they are removed from the 25-foot RV where Glenn Franklin Jones, 32, resided. Cooper said experts are focused on one item at a time as they work to clear the RV.

Cooper said it can take up to 45 minutes per component or device before a robot is used to transport the material to the field west of the Zuni Village RV park. He said at least a couple of items had been moved to that location to be neutralized by early Friday afternoon.

Cooper said public safety officials are being painstakingly precautious as they go about their business and that the mitigation effort could extend into the evening or tomorrow. A porta-potty was transported to the site this morning for use by the law enforcement contingent.

Cooper said officer efforts are focused on the RV and that they've not yet breached the storage unit that Jones rented nearby. He said the same cautious approach will be used to clear the storage unit.

Cooper said the FBI is "very interested" in Jones and the RV park situation. He said he was not at liberty to clarify or further comment.