JAMIE FLEISCHMANWerner Fleischmann, owner of the Beale Celebrations, is pleased to announce the hiring of Jamie S Taylor, JuST Marketing LLC, to manage the event center located at the corner of 4th & Beale Street.

“Our occupancy was low in the first half of the year,” Fleischmann noted, “but we have invested in a new roof and will be working on other improvements over the next few months to insure that the Beale Celebrations overs a professional, attractive venue for events in Kingman.”

The event center opened originally in December 2013 and has been the home for numerous weddings, reunions and fundraising events over the past two years.

“I’m truly excited to be working with Mr. Fleischmann to help insure the Beale Celebrations stays open,” declared Ms. Taylor. “This is a much needed venue for functions in the downtown Kingman area.”

There are still many dates open so if you are starting to plan your business holiday party or have a wedding in the near future, check out the Beale Celebrations at www.bealecelebrations.com or call Jamie for a personal tour of the facility.

The event center has over 9,000 square feet available for rent with a competitive pricing structure.