A former Phoenix school teacher has been arrested on child sex crimes dating back nearly 20 years.  Sergeant Jonathan Howard with Phoenix Police says 54-year-old Jose Mada was taken into custody for allegedly molesting a young girl on at least seven occasions between 1995 and 1997-in a case they first tried to

investigate several years ago.  Howard says “new evidence has come to light and detectives began working with the victim once again and were able to develop probable cause to arrest this man in this crime that occurred the better part of 20 years ago.”

A police report indicates Mada, who has been a teacher or a teacher’s aide for over 25 years, admitted his involvement and that he has been sexually attacking children for years. 
The overwhelming, if not all of the physical evidence is likely lost, so it’s going to come down to witness testimony an admissions from the suspect.”  He adds, “that’s where we put a lot of focus on the crime as it progresses in age.”  Howard says it took a lot of time to put the case together, but detectives now believe they know what happened.

Kris Dugan