Rector Booking Photo (1)Public Defender Harry Moore is requesting up to $10,000 to hire an expert to conduct a psychological examination of alleged child killer Justin Rector. Moore said exploring Rector’s competency is key as the state ponders possible pursuit of a death sentence. “Counsel has already determined that Mr. Rector does suffer from some mental health issues,” Moore wrote in a motion filed last week. “Mr. Rector respectfully requests that this Court authorize an initial $10,000 so that counsel can immediately hire the appropriate mental health expert to assist in acquiring mitigation that may persuade the prosecutor to not seek death in this case.” Bullhead City police reports indicate that Rector, 26, Bullhead City, admits he smoked methamphetamine much of the day before eight year-old “Bella” Grogan-Cannella went missing in early September. Rector is accused of strangling the girl and burying her in a shallow grave about a half-mile from her home. Rector is held without bond in the county jail.