explorersKingman police chief Bob Devries is very proud of the department’s program introducing young people to the work of law enforcement professionals. Devries informed Kingman City Council members that the KPD Explorers fared very well in a recent competition against peers from other cities in Texas, California and Arizona.

   Devries noted that the KPD Explorers brought back six trophies in their first competition last year. He told Council members they did even better in their second year, competing against more established programs in larger cities during a law enforcement skills challenge held October 10 and 11 in Marana.

   “I’m pleased to say that this year they came back with eight trophies,” Devries said. “I think it speaks to the caliber of our advisors and most certainly speaks to the caliber and quality of our Explorers. On behalf of the Department I’m pleased to introduce to you our future law enforcement leaders.”

   Mayor Dick Anderson congratuled the explorers, calling their feat a “fantastic accomplishment.”

   Explorers who competed in Marana include MacKenzie Mallohan, Josh Barroga, David Snelling, Blake Sodaro, John Smith, Cayden McLoed and Lane Brock.

Devries said he was most proud that the KPD Explorers placed 4th overall, in an 18-team field. Other places and their respective competitive categories include:

1st place——————–Use of force scenario
1st place——————–Active shooter and officer down
3rd place——————-Crisis negotiations and building entry
3rd place——————-Felony vehicle stop and search
3rd place——————-Report writing and courtroom testimony
3rd place——————-Male obtacle course
4th place——————-Domestic violence

Chief Devries said the program is open to 14-21 year olds and that interested parties can get more information by calling the police department (928-753-2191) during normal office hours and ask for Carmen Haack, Denny Gaddis or Zach Clark.