A large amount of explosives has been found in a motor home in Arizona that belonged to a man who is believed to have died in a Wednesday night blast in the Nevada town of Panaca, about 165 miles north of Las Vegas. Nevada authorities have not identified the man who was killed in the blast, but the RV where explosives were found was owned by Glen Jones.

Kevin McCumber, the manager of the Zuni Village RV park off Airway Avenue, said Jones rented space #69 on February 2, parking his 25-foot 1995 Columbus motorhome on site. McCumber said Jones was kind and polite, though he commented about being “screwed over” by a previous employer when he moved to Kingman from Panaca.

The investigative trail from the bombing in Panaca led Kingman police to the RV park late Thursday morning. Hours later they evacuated the park and brought in bomb squad personnel.

McCumber said 78 of the park’s 130 spaces were occupied. Residents of the park were offered overnight shelter set up by the Red Cross at Kingman High school.

Deputy Kingman police chief Rusty Cooper on Friday morning said that explosives were found in Jones’ motorhome, along with what he said appeared to be “finished devices.”

Thursday’s RV park search was to have included the storage unit rented by Jones. There was no initial indication what was found in the unit.