Andrew Jackson just got wiped off the $20 bill.  Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew is changing the face of America’s money by taking Jackson off the $20 bill and replacing him with the 19th Century abolitionist Harriet Tubman.  Tubman is widely known as the leader of the famed Underground Railroad used by slaves to

secretly escape to free states and Canada.  Tubman now takes precedence over the nation’s 7th President, Andrew Jackson who has been on the $20 bill for about 100 years.  As word came down that Jackson was being replaced and Alexander Hamilton was being eradicated from the $10 bill, Lew received heavy backlash.  Lew dismissed the outrage and is planning to redesign the Hamilton’s $10 bill with the face of the women’s suffrage movement on the front and maybe Hamilton on the back.  Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President who freed the slaves, is also losing his place in U.S. currency history as Lew intends to use a civil rights era leader, yet to be named, to replace “Honest Abe” on the $5 bill. The changes should be made by 2020.

Kris Dugan