< "Glen Ramsey," "Amy Ramsey," "Sally Lucero," "Ross Blanchard," "Theresa Jones," "Neal Picard," "Daniel Prince," "Andrew Carpenter" are the people in the photos. < "Robert Dale Blanchard" is clearly Stephen Delicino, "Susan Wimer" is clearly Susan Monica, "Robert Ross Blanchard" is clearly Robert Haney. "Monica Wimer" is doubtlessly Monica Wimer. They are allegedly my family. They are not dead, or imprisoned.

I reported them some time ago in Mesa, Arizona, where we live. The house across the street, kids would go into, and never come out of, on, and on. Clearly, they were murdered in the house. And, Susan was clearly going in, and out of the house.
After I reported that, Susan started to drug me, and beat me in my sleep, telling me I was hitting myself, giving me nightmares I did so. Then, Susan false-reported to the police, and a psychiatric court that I beat myself, and talk to myself, knowing that my Selective Mutism from abuse from her would keep me silent in court. She also broke multiple pairs of my glasses, trying to stop me from being an eye witness again, and from reading things online, such as these reports I've found about how all of my alleged family, alleged friends, alleged peers from school (whom keep being reported as too old to have been legally in school with me), and neighbors live in other places, and all either died, or got arrested.
Also, my house at one point, when I was sent to a psychiatric hospital, also had a lot of obvious chopshop neighbors breaking down stolen cars.
And, this family's geneaology says they are Polish mafioso. The geneaology of Danielle Dominique Keeme (Long in marriage) is Mexican mafioso. And, Jesse Kahill is Irish mafioso. Clearly, these people have me in a crime syndicate neighborhood.
Further, I've realized my I.D., Social Security card, and birth certificate are all fakes. I definitely am not their child, and have a lost identity they are using for something, like a steal of inheritance.

I know these people pop up with different, but highly alike looks. But, I am certain it's the same people. They LOOK like themselves. They FEEL like themselves in air. It's CLEARLY them.