A family out for a few days of camping and hunting become stranded in a snow storm in Prescott National Forest.  Deputy Dwight D’Evelyn with the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office says the family had been camping when a storm hit.  Snow packed the mountain terrain and their truck became stuck when they tried

to leave the area.  They called for help, but the family ran out of food and were forced to sleep inside their truck overnight with temperatures topping out in the 20’s while emergency crews searched from them.  The family was found in the middle of the night, but the mounds of snow halted rescue until morning when they were flown out of the area by helicopter.  D’Evelyn says “They did not have any food left, and had almost no water. So they’d run out of supplies in that fashion, but other than that the warmth kept them fairly comfortable for the night.” He also hit home the fact that the family did the right thing by staying with their truck and not wandering off to find help.  That’s where folks can get into serious trouble.

Kris Dugan