A driver carrying two illegal immigrants kills an 80-year-old woman after attempting to speed away from cops.  Deputy Tracy Suitt with the Pima County Sheriff’s Office says patrol officers were following “a suspicious car” at a low rate of speed along Tuscon border when the car suddenly sped up.  Without activating

a pursuit, the Border Patrol Agents continued down the road when they suddenly saw smoke up ahead and noticed the “suspicious” car had collided head-on with another car.  The driver and passenger of the suspicious car jumped from their seats and ran into the desert.  Officers found two illegal immigrants in the backseat suffering from non life-threatening injuries. Two female passengers were rescued from the other car.  The 55-year-old driver was transported to a trauma center with non life-threatening injuries and her passenger, 80-year-old Gracie Baldwin, was pronounced dead before reaching the hospital.  

Border Patrol agents apprehended the driver and his passenger a short time later.  They have been identified as 30-year-old William Huebbe and 25-year-old Robert Butcher.  The two will be arrested after they are released from the hospital.

Kris Dugan