inPOLICE   A Lake Havasu City police officer who shot and killed a civilian armed with knife has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Officer Jerry Smith returned to active duty Friday, following a period of leave, customary in fatal shooting incidents.

Police twice responded to domestic disturbance situations involving Devin Scott, 20, on June 20. Scott fled the first incident, but returned and broke windows and caused other criminal damage before storming the residence in the 2400 block of Everglades Drive where he lived with his father and his girlfriend.

The Kingman Police Department conducted an independent review of the shooting. Deputy Police Chief Rusty Cooper said Scott barricaded himself in a bedroom and was shot twice after he moved aggressively with a knife toward officers who entered the room.

A review of the shooting investigation led to a determination by the Mohave County Attorney’s office that officer Scott was justified in his use of lethal force.

“Scott placed the officers in reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury while armed with a dangerous instrument,” Chief Deputy County Attorney Jace Zack wrote in his shooting review report. “Officer Smith was absolutely justified in using deadly physical force in crime prevention.”