A father of four has been gunned down in his home in West Phoenix.  Sergeant Jon Howard says several men in a small black car arrived at the victim’s home and jumped the fence into the backyard.  The homeowner woke up to his dog barking and saw the group of men in his backyard attempting to get into the

house.  The man grabbed his gun and confronted the men who had already forced their way into the house.  The suspects shot the man and ran from the house, one taking the car out front.  The victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and is not expected to survive.  The victim’s wife and four children, ages four to 19-years-old, were not injured.  Howard says the victim was targeted, but the motive behind the shooting is unclear.  Police have little to go on other than the suspects were men wearing dark hoodies that covered their faces.

Kris Dugan