A multi-agency raid on synthetic drugs in Tucson cripples a drug trafficking organization, leading to 18 arrests over three states. D-E-A Spokesperson Erica Curry says drugs like “Spice” were the focus of this long term federal investigation. Although Arizona has outlawed “Spice” she says, the

product has still been found being sold under the counter in places like gas stations and smoke shops. Curry would not discuss details such as locations since this is still an active investigation.

Curry says the operation seized a total of 600 pounds of synthetic cannabinoids and shut down a suspected drug lab. Several luxury vehicles and 350-thousand dollars in cash were also taken in. Besides Tucson, the Feds targeted Denver, Colorado and Long Beach, California.

Curry says synthetic cannabinoids remain a public threat, health and safety-wise. She points out “Spice” overdoses can trigger heart problems, including heart attacks and paranoia. And she says, Spice impaired people behave erratically, becoming dangerous to themselves and others.

–Barbara Villa