flood mapLake Havasu City, AZ – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released draft flood insurance rate maps (FIRM) for Mohave County residents in Golden Valley, Mohave Valley and North Lake Havasu.  “These maps are important because once finalized they will determine what areas of the county are required to obtain and keep flood insurance,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.  “These maps will be also be used by county officials and developers in helping to determine what areas of the county are a flood risk and what development can occur within those areas,” Johnson continued. These drafted FIRMs are updates and revisions to existing maps within the unincorporated areas of the county.  According to FEMA officials, the draft maps were put together from information obtained from detailed ground evaluation models, decades of rainfall data, storm gauge information and recent topographic information.  “I encourage all residents to take a look at the draft maps,” Johnson stated.  “Residents have an opportunity right now to comment on these maps before they are approved,” Johnson explained.  If county residents find any error in the draft maps, FEMA officials are encouraging residents to bring it to their attention. The Mohave County Flood Control District asked FEMA to look at the areas in question after finding several errors in FEMA’s 2009 floodplain map.  “The 2009 maps were all based off of information obtained with old technology.  We have new technology that can give us a more accurate picture of the flood risk in these areas,” Johnson stated.  “By obtaining more accurate data, Mohave County residents will benefit with potentially lower flood insurance rates, and some could even be removed from a high-risk floodplain all together,” Johnson continued.  According to FEMA, the draft maps have removed approximately 949 parcels with 862 structures from the FEMA Zone A, AO or AE floodplain in North Lake Havasu.  The Mohave County Flood Control District has copies of the draft maps available for residents to view.  They can also be viewed by going to: www.femadraft.mohavecounty.us   For additional questions or concerns regarding how the FIRM maps can affect your property, please contact the Mohave County Flood Control District at 928-757-0925 or email them at mcfloodinfo@mohavecounty.us  The official FIRM maps are not anticipated to be finalized until late 2015.