greyFrom the beginning of the film you know that it’s going to be good. Dakota Johnson plays the part of Ana very well. She has a shy side that you wouldn’t think she could portray. But, she has chosen a career path like her mother Melanie Griffith in Working Girl shy, but yet in you face style. Jamie Dornan I feel fit the bill of Christian from the beginning.  He pulled off the sexy,tormented, dominant take charge kind of man! The film follows as closely to the book as possible as for the length of movie will allow. I really liked the comic relief parts. The movie had me laughing, excited and crying at some scenes. Even if you have not read the series of books you will understand the story line without any issues. No its not about a normal relationship but a dysfunctional working one. I would see it again. I would rent it on Redbox and I WILL buy it we released on DVD.  Contributed by: Cynthia Green