image004December 11th River Cities United Way reported a total of 67,000 donated from Sterilite Corporation & Marathon Staffing towards our 2014-2015 Campaign – amounting to 20% of Lake Havasu City’s goal. Wednesday, January 7th associates from Mohave State Bank joined River Cities United Way President/CEO Lyn Demaret at Wheeler Park on McCulloch to add another ring to the pie-graph bringing community awareness on our impact progress. With their 100% participation through their Workplace Campaign, they have raised over $18,000 for this year’s campaign. Mohave State Bank is also a Corporate Cornerstone donor – this offsets administrative expenses, so more of the donations River Cities United Way receives goes back into our community. Going above and Beyond, Mohave State Bank employees volunteer in other capacities such as serving on our Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, and our allocations process.