IMG_5117The fourth annual Laughlin International Film Festival wrapped up its festivities on Sunday after four days of movie premieres, social events and workshops.
Dozens of filmmakers and movie enthusiasts converged on the small-gambling mecca over the weekend to take in the 100 films being premiered on the big screen at Stadium 9 inside the Laughlin Outlet Mall.
On Saturday, an Academy-style awards ceremony was held inside the Pavilion at Tropicana Casino.
Improv comedian Carla Rodriguez wooed the crowd with mad lib-style jokes while Little Joe returned and preformed his 1950’s era musical talents.
IMG_5216 Hollywood-icon Lee Meriwether received the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award. Meriwether had a role in the indie-film “Sunny in the Dark”, which took home two awards over the weekend.
The film festival had around 1,000 submissions this year, the most the festival has seen in the last three years.
The winners of the film festival are as follows:
•Best Music Video-Lessons in Life-Directed by Michael Nicklin
•Best Animation Video-Fallen Angel-Directed by Robbie Robertson
•Filmmaking for Humanity-Picking Up the Pieces- Directed by Joshua Tebeau
•Best Experimental Work-Glimpse-Directed by Arnon Shorr
•Best Horror Film-Adaline-Directed by Bidisha Chowdhury
•Best Thriller-Awaiting-Directed by Mark Murphy
•Best Soundtrack-Best Man In The Dark-Alfred Padilla
•Best Noir Short Film-Detectives of Noir Town-Directed by Andrew Chambers
•Best Noir Feature Film-The Beautiful Ones-Jesse Johnson
•Outstanding Production Value-Battalion-Dmitriy Meskheiv
•Best Ensemble Case-Non Stop To Comic Con-Directed by Randy Van Dyke
•Best Spoof Film-Directors on Directing-Directed by Damien Patrik
•Best Cinematic Achievement-Kandiyohi-Directed by Nicholas Engen
•Harry “Bud” Holland Award-Filmmakers-Directed by Ronald Hanson
•LIFF “Big Dreams” Dave Davidson Award-Brian Brown
•Tropicana Best University Film-Nirvana-Directed by Maor WinetrabIMG_5182
•Best Storytelling-The Boy with a Camera as his head-Spencer Brown
•Best University Film-Wildflower-Directed by Nicolas Scroggins
•Best Web Series-The Source-Directed by Vincenzo Carubia
•Best Comedy Film-Natural Insemenation-Directed by Crosby Selander
•Honorable Mention-Benjamin Troubles-Directed by Kai Ephron
•Best Local Film-Hitman-Directed by Elona Lorraine
•Special Recognition-The Third Love-Michael Tanji
•MMBF Rising Star Award-LaJuan Johnson
•Best Drama Film-Stop-Directed by Gabriel De Santi
•Best Short Documentary-A Certain Kind of Light-Directed by Brandon Vedder
•Best Lead Actress-Hannah Ward for Sunny In The Dark
•Best Lead Actor-Ross McCall for The Beautiful Ones
•Best International Short Film-The Gift-Directed by Lisa Belcher
•Best International Documentary Feature Film-The Hands That Hold The Worlds-Directed by Fran Guijarro
•Best International Narrative Feature Film-Directed by Karma Deki
•2015 LIFF Pick-Crossing Streets-Directed by Marc Hutchins
•LIFF 2015 Director Award-Positive-Directed by Paul Merryman
•Best U.S. Short Film-Jacob Stone-Directed by Roya Aryanpad
•Best U.S. Documentary Feature Film-20 Years of Madness-Directed by Jeremey Royce
•Best U.S. Narrative Feature Film-The Life & Death of an Unhappily Married Man-Directed by Josh Hope
•LIFF 2015 Grand Jury Award-Sunny in the Dark-Directed by Courtney Ware
The votes for Audience Choice for Best Short Film and Feature Film have not been tallied at this time.
The fifth-annual film festival is scheduled to be held from Oct. 13-16, 2016.