richardsThe number two ranking officer of the City of Kingman’s Finance Department is being fired. Budget Analyst Diane Richards has worked for the City for more than 20 years.

Human Resources Manager Jackie Walker said the city served Richards notice intent to terminate her employment Monday. That was the same day that the police department indicated that an unidentified finance department employee was the target of a criminal investigation initiated by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and Department of Homeland Security.

Whether any money, or how much, might be missing is not being disclosed at this point. The police department said the targeted employee and city are cooperating with the outside agencies in an ongoing investigation.

City Manager John Dougherty told Council members, during their Tuesday meeting, that he’s well aware that speculation is swirling about the community. He also said he is unable to provide information about the investigation, but that he is taking steps to protect the city treasury.

“The Department Director (Tina Moline) and I have had discussions. We are taking corrective actions already,” Dougherty said. “We will talk to the investigators and find out where else we need to concentrate on right away and we are correcting this problem.”