Many Meadview and Dolan Springs area residents will be electing members to a resurrected Lake Mohave Ranchos (LMRFD) Fire District Board next spring. John Flynn has served as special  administrator for nearly three years, helping restore the LMRFD to fiscal solvency following the disbanding of the previous board when the district was drowning in debt.

   Flynn told Mohave County Supervisors December 21 that establishing a new board to operate the district is the only option left since a consolidation proposal was rejected months ago.

   “The only thing left to do now would be to call for the special election and put five new members in there as the governing board and turn it back to an independent special taxing district,” Flynn said.

   While the fire district has essentially been operated in receivership since February, 2013, Board of Supervisors Chairman Jean Bishop looks forward to returning it to a locally-elected board. “Hopefully, we’ll get five new board members and things will go forward,” Bishop said.

   At least three residents of the LMRFD have been circulating nominating petitions hoping to qualify as candidates for the election that is now formally scheduled May 19.