Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD) Firefighter-EMT Matt Gore sprays water on a motorcycle that caught fire in the valley recently. The rider was able to stop his motorcycle after it caught fire and got off without being injured.


It was a busy month for the GVFD. They responded to: three structural or wildland fires; 103 motor vehicle accidents and/or emergency medical service incidents; one hazardous condition; 18 public assist calls; 14 good intent calls in which people reported fires, but turned out to be something such as a porch light; and 10 false alarms.

Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD) Duty Officer Captain Dave Martin (right) helps load a motor vehicle accident victim into an ambulance after the driver lost control of his car and carrened into a concrete bridge abutment on Highway 68.


Golden Valley Fire District (GVFD) Firefighter-Paramedic Sean Arnold (center) reaches into the passenger door of a motor vehicle to extricate the driver who recently carrened his car into concrete bridge abutment on Highway 68.