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Mohave County removed Stage 1 fire restrictions on County lands Friday morning, August 5.  The Bureau of Land Management also lifted Stage 1 fire restrictions for its lands in Western Arizona, effective Friday morning.

Recent rainfall has considerably reduced the wildland fire hazard in many areas of the county, allowing for relaxation of restrictions that were implemented on June 23, 2016.

The public is reminded that certain restrictions remain in effect year round in the Hualapai Mountain Park. For instance, open fires and/or barbecues are only permitted in agency built fire rings or barbecue grills in designated areas.

The discharge or use of any kind of fireworks or incendiary devices is strictly prohibited.  Visitors should familiarize themselves with the Park safety rules and the restrictions in effect at the time of their visit.

If vegetation moisture content becomes low enough to increase the fire danger, the Parks Division may temporarily prohibit all open fires in a County park, during high wind conditions, to protect the public and property.

For questions regarding restrictions on County parks, refer to the County Parks Division website at  or contact the Division at 877-757-0915. Questions can also be directed to Mohave County Emergency Management Coordinator Byron Steward, 928-757-0930, .